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Online Report Archive .

Direct online access to all government forms and managerial reports.

Finally, we provide a hassle-free solution to record keeping. Forget the file cabinets and downloads. Optimize your accounting efficiency, and take advantage of MegaPay's online turbo archive, powered by NetClientCS. Benefit from our secure online data center, which gives you direct access to all your government forms and payroll reports. Our service is like a virtual visit to your office. Access your info from anywhere anytime..

Life with our Online Log-In

Never wait or rely on anyone to provide you with your own documents. Log in with us and view or print your data instantly.

File Exchange

MegaPay presents swift and safe file transfers with our online archive.

Remote Payroll Data Entry

When it's time to send your payroll data to us, enter it into your online office from anywhere in the world. We'll get it as soon as you're done.

Remote Payroll Check Printing

Print checks at your convenience. As soon as they are processed we make them available for you to download and print immediately. Talk about speedy delivery.

Web Employee

We grant individual employees personal access for the info they require. Your personnel can view employee and tax information, retrieve paystubs and more.


Never limit yourselves to our office hours. Our online report archive is available 24/7. Ready for use when you are.


Your business information is password protected and encrypted. Be secure in the knowledge that your data is safe.


Files at your fingertips in minutes!