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Payroll Solutions.

At MegaPay, we know that no two businesses are alike, and so we are proud to service each of our customers individually. Our clients have the ability to choose from a variety of customizable payroll options that cater to their specific needs.

Multiple Pay Options

Choose the way your payments arrive. MegaPay provides an array of options to satisfy your requirements.


Choose between receiving regular checks or our more secure, pressure sealed check option.

Delivered in person

Your form of payment is delivered via courier to your offices. On time, every time.

Secured PDF Format

MegaPay offers your payments emailed directly via a secured PDF file.

Online Log-in

Clients can now access their checks via our website. With our online log-in option, businesses are able to download and print their own checks.

Direct Deposit

Let us be your bankers. MegaPay will deposit your salary directly to your bank account. Prevent the problems lost or stolen checks might cause and reduce fraud by a large margin. The best part is eliminating the hassle of a trip to the bank. We do it for you.

Debit Card

With MegaPay's debit card alternative, salaries can be electronically deposited into the employee's individual debit card. This ready-to-use option is perfect for the employee without a bank account and eliminates exorbitant check cashing fees. Cash can be withdrawn at an ATM machine or the cardholder may use the card to make purchases and get cash back.

MegaPay tracks all the debits and credits for each paycard, sends out paper pay stubs and tax forms and provides a way for employees to check their balances either online or by phone.

Multiple Employee Types

Just as no two businesses are alike, we know that no two of your employees are the same. Some work from nine to five, others work from eight to three. You have staff on salary, commission, 1099, and those you pay per job.

It can be difficult to keep track of each employee's hours and payment agreements, with MegaPay it falls into place.

Flexible Pay Types

We know how complicated it can get when it comes to calculating the different ways your employees get paid. Custom pay, retroactive, tip income, reimbursements and more are a lot to manage.

MegaPay is here to take it off your hands. We make sure your taxes reflect the way you get paid by ensuring that all calculations regarding your pay descriptions are done right.

Multiple Pay Schedules

Businesses often grow to a welcome point where it is no longer feasible for a small core of employees to do all of the work. Many of our clients are large corporations made up of numerous smaller departments.

MegaPay acknowledges that with a growing business, it is not easy to follow the different pay days and schedules your departments may keep. That's why we do that for you.

Data Collection

MegaPay's experience has shown that customers tend to use the method they find most convenient when it comes to keeping track of employees hours. We work with any method of your choosing.

Excel spreadsheets

Company time keeping reports Fax, phone, or email your reports to us and we take it from there.

MegaPay time keeping program Never collect time keeping reports again! Have them automatically sent to us with our exclusive time tracking program. Talk to a MegaPay representative today and find out more!

Third-Party Deductions

Deductions are complicated, we are the professionals. MegaPay does the calculations, deductions, and details. Clients receive a clear customized report detailing the exact deductions taken from each paycheck. We take care of every employee, in every department, across the board.

401(k)Talk to the experts at MegaPay about your 401(k). We'll handle your deductions, write your reports, and discover the plan that best meets your needs.

Workers CompensationMegaPay offers affordable Worker's Compensation and Pay As You Go general liability insurance. Sign up for one of our economically priced plans, and we'll take care of electronically submitting the monthly premiums.

Section 125 PlanLet us handle all of your pre-tax deductions; health insurance, group-term life insurance, and flexible spending accounts included. Clear reports are provided for recording and tax purposes.

Child SupportMegaPay will garnish employee's child support obligations from each paycheck. With us, child support deductions can be done automatically and electronically. Hassle free.

Union DuesAs with any other third party check, we will calculate and send in employee union dues and other fees.

COBRALet us coordinate every aspect of your COBRA administration, taking the complexity of compliance off your shoulders. Our secure website can be used to enroll new members, report qualifying events, and to review your monthly management reports. Our COBRA experts assume all administration responsibilities and the liability.

Customized Managerial Reports

Well-designed financial and managerial reports are vital to your business decisions and overall strategic planning. MegaPay provides a full range of comprehensive pre-designed payroll reports to meet your need for critical analysis. Additionally, MegaPay will collaborate with you to create customized reports to meet your company's specifications.

Direct Employee Access

Employees are now able to personally access our online archives for the info they require. Your personnel can view employee and tax information, retrieve paystubs and more.