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Time and Labor Management.

Whatever your trade, let your timekeeping be our business. No matter what method your employees use to clock in each day, we can offer a solution, or network of solutions, that make managing your labor more efficient.

Getting Better by the Minute with MegaPay:

Imagine eliminating up to 80% of your payroll prep time! Our electronic timekeeping solutions can do that for you.

With computerized labor management, employee overpayment for issues such as extended breaks, lengthy lunches, early departures, and late arrivals can be significantly reduced.

Automating procedures makes your time, attendance, and payroll processing that much more efficient. When company policies are properly applied to time transactions, policies for the entire workforce are enforced objectively

Our time keeping service enables employees to view their own time-related information such as working hours, schedules, and benefits.

Feel like you're wasting precious time managing employee time? Time to take it to our experts. Make each moment count by concentrating on what's really important. Leave the rest to us.

Finding a Solution for your Needs
Talk to the professionals at MegaPay to evaluate your specific time keeping needs. We can assist you with choosing from the broad range of time tracking devices available. You may find one device that meets all your needs or you might require a network of devices to track employee time. With MegaPay you will find the perfect balance.

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We will help you find the right solution based on your business needs