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Stop doing payroll the old way. With Megapay, you’ll get payroll, timekeeping, benefits, and more on a single platform. The best part? You can do it all by yourself – in about 5 minutes.

...and the people behind it.

Skip live chat support and 1-800 numbers. How about the direct number of a personal payroll expert? A high-touch, worry-free experience means we’ll make sure that your business is safe!

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Powered by smart people.

Megapay’s software is backed by a team of experts who stay updated on payroll laws in all 50 states – so your business is always 100% compliant.

Last year alone, Megapay helped over 500 businesses receive tax credits they would never have known about otherwise.

Stay informed.

When credit options expand or state regulations change, we’re the first to know. And we’ll tell you all about it. We’ll keep you informed, tell you if you qualify, and help you file and apply.

No employee minimums.

Megapay pricing scales with the size of your company, so you’re never paying for more than you need.

Megapay pricing scales with the size of your company, so you’re never paying for more than you need.

No tax penalties.

We stand behind our service – and put our money where our mouth is with a no-tax penalty guarantee.

We stand behind our service – and put our money where our mouth is with a no-tax penalty guarantee.

Make the switch.

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No-tax-penalty guarantee X
Payroll/HR/timekeeping all-in-one X

100% of clients who switch from a previous payroll platform are happier with Megapay.

We should know. We talk to them every day.

ditch faceless payroll

I’m 6 years in with Megapay and I couldn’t be more pleased. From the start, they’ve helped me customize the software to the unique ins and outs of my business. Aron and the whole team are always there for me for anything I need, big or small. They are trustworthy, personal, and quick!

Jacob Guttman Nail it Handyman

High-tech software. High-touch service.

With a personal payroll expert, help is always a click away.

Services start at $55/mo

No-tax-penalty guarantee!

Your questions, answered.

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What is Megapay, and how does it work?

Megapay is an all-in-one payroll platform that automates repetitive tasks and makes managing payroll, tax filing, timekeeping and HR effortless. Access to a dedicated payroll expert means help is always just a phone call away.

What kind of businesses use Megapay?

MegaPay processes payroll for businesses of all size, whether they have one employee or thousands. Our platform can be customized to the specifics of nearly any industry, including healthcare, professional services, government contracts, retail and supermarkets, restaurants, staffing agencies, nonprofits and education, construction, manufacturing, and logistics.

Does Megapay work in all 50 states?


Do I have to use all Megapay services together?

While most clients enjoy the benefits of integrated payroll, HR, and timekeeping, you can always choose whatever services that make your business easier to run. We offer a variety of packages and a la carte add-ons.

Does Megapay take care of workers comp insurance?

Megapay is not a direct insurance company or a broker. However, we can advise you on finding the right insurance company for your business type.

Does Megapay file quarterly federal and state tax returns?

Yes, we do.

Does Megapay file my w2?

Yes, we file them with the social security administration, followed by the IRS and your state.

Does MegaPay file my business tax return?

We do not offer accounting services.

Can I see a demo?

Fill out the form here to receive a demo of the platform.