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Human resources.

HR Complete provides business owners and managers with dedicated HR compliance and strategic support to help them protect and grow their businesses. This best-in-class solution includes the following services:

Dedicated HR Pro

Your will be partnered with one of our certified HR Pros to ensure you reach your HR compliance and strategic goals.

Unlimited Support

You’ll enjoy unlimited support from our entire team of HR Pros, so you’ll always have a place to turn with your HR questions and crises.

Custom Job Descriptions

We’ll develop job descriptions specifically for your organization, so you can attract the best employees, and keep your job functions organized.

HR Concierge

Our live chat feature gives you instant access to a member of our HR team to help you identify HR issues and find the resources you need.

HR Navigator

HR Navigator is your all-in-one compliance workbook – an easy way to keep your important paperwork all in one place.

Custom Handbooks

We’ll work with you to create custom handbooks, offer letters, checklists, and other HR materials, tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Online HR Resources

You’ll have access to a library of training-on-demand presentations, popular Q&As, exclusive articles, and interactive webinars on the latest compliance issues.

Milestone Markers

Throughout the HR Complete process, your HR Pro will truly personalize the service by recognizing your progress towards your HR goals and milestones.

How HR Complete Works
1 - HR Audit & Action Plan

Typical duration: 1 month

A certified auditor completes a thorough assessment of your business to identify any compliance gaps. Your dedicated HR Pro then builds a custom HR Action Plan to achieve compliance and incorporate best practices.

2 - Compliance

Typical duration: 3-9 months

Once the Action Plan is in place, your HR Pro will schedule monthly virtual meetings to execute it, focusing first on compliance, to minimize the risk of fines or lawsuits. Your HR Pro will then develop custom materials and train you on key HR functions, practices, and rules.

3 - Strategic Plan

Typical duration: 6-12 months

Once the compliance issues are stabilized, HR Complete shifts from protection to value creation. Your HR Pro will develop strategic tools to help foster a productive, efficient workplace, attract and retain great employees, and build a company culture that accomplishes your business goals.

4 - Ongoing Improvements


After the building blocks are in place, your HR Pro will work with you to continually develop, update, and refine your HR processes, incorporating the latest best practices and regulatory changes — building a lasting relationship.

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