Like your brain, but even smarter.

Total app integration

Connect your payroll, timekeeping, employee benefits and more with one smart, seamless platform to rule them all.

Bulk collections

Group-assign tasks like license renewals or benefits updates. The app tracks, reminds, and stores.

Benefits management

Review your employee benefits plans from 401k to dental, see who qualifies, and manage deductions.

Paperless Onboarding

Kiss paperwork goodbye.

Data collection

Send new hires a pre-made task list to complete new hire info, view forms, & digitally sign handbooks.

Background checks

Conduct quick & thorough employee screenings – whether it’s for one employee or hundreds. Access here.

W4s and I9s

Auto-generate tax documents like W4s & I9s based on information providing during onboarding.

All in one place

Contact information, licenses, records: Electronically store all employee details in one convenient place.

HR Compliance

Zero effort. Zero worries.

Training videos

Training new hires? Use our 100% compliant training-on-demand presentations.

HR 360 Access

Learn more about critical compliance with an updated online library of every single HR law ever.

Tools + templates

W-4 and I-9s, employee handbook templates, termination and hire forms. All customizable. All in the app.

Ask the pro

Need a quick answer to a hard question? Get unlimited support from our at-the-ready HR Pro team.


Benefits with benefits

ACA filing

Megapay files, sends employer & employee forms, and assures acceptance.

Employee access

Give your employees access to their plans, balances, and dependents.

COBRA filing

Megapay files, reports, and gets you the credit that you deserve.

Online management

Electronically provide company forms for your employees to e-sign.

Faster for you. Easier for them.

Get all the features on your must-haves list – plus unparalleled support from a payroll expert dedicated to your account.

Services start at $55/mo

No-tax-penalty guarantee!