Takes care of the complicated.

Payroll, customized

Pay rates, states, & schedules; reimbursements & bonuses: control, configure, and customize everything!

Total app integration

Connect your payroll, timekeeping, employee benefits and more with one seamless platform to manage it all.

Timesaving automations

Auto-receive timekeeping data, automate tax deductions, pay with a click, and so much more – it’s all built right in.

Employee access

Give employees the ability to view their paystubs and so much more.

Discover the employee portal

Pay Options

Fraud-free, flexible pay.

Direct Deposits

Pay it directly into their accounts. premiumNext-day & same-day direct deposit also available.

Debit cards

Pay employees without bank accounts by electronically reloading their debit cards with each paycheck


Print them yourself, or save time by getting pre-signed checks mailed to the office or employees. Pressure-sealed & bank checks also available.

Positive Pay

Fraud prevention? Not your problem anymore. We’ll pay it out and ensure that every check is authorized before it’s cashed.

Reporting & Tracking

Data, any way you want it.

Accrual tracking

Track state-required sick leave accrual and other benefits.

Certified payroll reports

Get precise reports compliant with the latest state regulations.

Published reports

Set it and forget it. Get auto-run quarterly, year-end, and payroll reports, all sent to your inbox.

Expense tracking

Get the full breakdown of project & employee costs with detailed reports.

Seamless accounting

All data can be exported to software like Quickbooks, Sage, or Rent Managers.

Custom reports, anytime

Generate, filter, and fine-tune reports in a moment, at any moment.


Operate fearlessly.

Automated taxes

Megapay handles federal, state, local, and multi-state taxes. Calculate, file, and pay – automatically!

Forms & stubs

Federal- and state-compliant W-2s, 1099s, and pay stubs – easy, accessible, and smart.

Overtime compliance

Navigate complicated FLSA overtime pay regulations with overtime safeguards and intuitive calculations.

Mandatory reporting

Effortlessly keep relevant state agencies up-to-date with an automatic new hire report.


No-Sweat Financing

Low rates On demand No collateral required

There are plenty of reasons for low cash flow. Whatever yours is, don’t sweat on payday. Our on-demand payroll credit provides business owners with same-day access to the funds they need.

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Request it when you need it.


Pay your people. Repeat as needed!

Additional Services

The possibilities are endless.

Pay-as-you-go workers comp

Maintain cash flow (and minimize audit adjustments) by paying out workers comp premiums whenever you run payroll.

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The Hartford





Automatic deductions

Get hassle-free deductions
– and clear, optimized reports.


Workers Compensation

Section 125 Plan

Child Support

Wage Garnishments

Union Dues



A la carte services

Take everything entirely off your
shoulders with payroll add-ons.

Positive Pay

Next Day Direct Deposit

Manual payroll processing

Workers comp audits

PFL audits

Live HR support

Cutting-edge payroll with a human side.

Get all the features on your must-haves list – plus unparalleled support from a payroll expert dedicated to your account.

Unlimited payroll runs

No-tax-penalty guarantee!

Services start at $55/mo